Southern Gaming Summit / BingoWorld

May 2-4, 2017

Biloxi, MS

Mississippi Coast Coliseum
& Convention Center

Produced by Casino Journal

Money Savers that Won’t Weaken Your Business

Top-line growth is hard to come by, but saving money is the other way to build your bottom line. The charge for speakers at this session is to come up with as many cost reduction ideas as they can that don’t compromise a casino’s ability to deliver a quality experience to their customers. Many of these, such as making processes more efficient, might not even touch the customer at all. The best actually enhance value for the business. In any case, hear how your company can keep improving operations and become more profitable at the same time.



  • Paul Doocey, Editor, Casino Journal


  • Lee Bond, Chief Operating Officer, Singing River Health System
  • Brad Reckamp, Industry Specialist - Product Advocate, VizExplorer
  • Jason Winkler, Director of Business Services, Accounting Software ERP Division, JOSEPH EVE